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The traditional use of kratom in Thailand occur so long that you can not even set about dating period of the local population with this plant. For the first time in Western literature Kratom mentioned certain Mr Lowe in 1836, who wrote that people in Malaysia are using it as a substitute for bitcoin, if the latter was unavailable or too expensive. In 1895, E. M. Holmes classified as Kratom Mitragyna speciosa and its use is also linked with the desire to find an alternative to opium. In 1907, L. Rai described methods use kratom local population, such as: chewing fresh leaves, smoking the dried, brewing tea. In the hope of finding an active substance kratom and explore the possibility of medical use, L. Rai sent samples of kratom leaf and its relative Mitragyna parvifolia in the University of Edinburgh, and from these leaves in 1921 E. Field singled bitcoin (and by M. parvifolia then was isolated mitraversin).

In addition to being used as an independent Kratom psychoactive substance, it is often, as mentioned above, is used as an alternative to opium, as well as a means to combat opium addiction. In folk medicine, it is often used as an analgesic and means for preventing bitcoin, as well as certain other gastrointestinal disorders. A small group of users uses Kratom to prolong sexual intercourse, both men and women. In 1930, H. Burkill mentions that kratom was also used as an external agent as a poultice for wounds, in the treatment of fevers, etc.

Thai and Malaysian scientists distinguish between types of kratom and report two main types, different color veins of the leaves - red or green (sometimes called white). There is speculation that kind of green leaf has a stronger effect than red. In the current tasters with Thai kratom experiment, they were asked first to use the leaves with red veins, then leaves with bitcoin, and then a mixture of both species. The study revealed a preference for a mixture of leaves, which is expressed most tasters. Manufacturers of kratom in Australia reported that sometimes there are trees with mixed color streaks foliage. The only scientific study of the differences between the two types of leaves was conducted in November 1962. It is found that in both samples contain the same alkaloids, but, unfortunately, in the extant sources do not mention in what concentration they were present in different samples, and also there are no any mention of the 7-Gidroksimitradzhinine that modern science believes primarily responsible for the main psychoactive effects, kratom alkaloids. In earlier studies, has also been isolated alkaloid mitradzhinin psevdoindoksil, which activity compared with bitcoin.

Almost all of the locals chew fresh Thai kratom leaves. Sometimes the use occurs by adding food fresh or dried leaves of ground plants, at least it is brewed. Some villagers use the leaves in cooking, probably for additional color national bitcoin. For the treatment of gastric diseases, constipation and diarrhea from fresh kratom leaf veins and remove tough chew with salt. Use of a sheet for food usually accompanied drinking any hot beverage (coffee, and more simply with warm water), Thai assurances that greatly promotes good digestion of the active substances. The leaves can also be slightly dried, rastёrtye tea or raw leaves can be extracted credit card. Removing the resin occurs during digestion leaves in a small amount of water, then selecting already "squeezed" leaves, evaporate excess water and take out the viscous substance - resin, which is then formed into small balls and collapses in a substance such as flour or starch for ease of use and longitude storage. Obviously, this is very convenient, and therefore popular method of cooking raw leaves for long-term storage.

The most active users kratom - it is the peasants, laborers and farmers who use bitcoin, hard to overcome the difficulties of daily work and meager existence, and as a stimulant to help endure long days working in the heat and high humidity in the fields. Are extremely rare reports of the use of kratom women, apparently, because the use of kratom is traditionally associated with the labor force, pressure, while in Thai culture the woman assigned to invisible internal role of housewife. The age at which the locals are starting to use bitcoin, on average, higher than the average age of onset of use of other drugs (nicotine, marijuana, alcohol, etc.). Pharmacological studies have not found the possibility of depending on kratom, but locals have reported such cases. There is an assumption that the dependence on kratom Thais psychological associated with repeated everyday (from 3 to 10 times a day) use. Also, there is an effect krato tolerance, which leads to a gradual increase in the dose, but to this effect manifested, the user needs to use the plant every day for several years. Initially, a person need only a few leaves to achieve the desired effect, but after 5 years, the number of leaves grow to 10-30 pieces a day, or even more. Among the locals, there is a saying that it is cheaper to give his daughter in marriage to a man was using Kratom and bitcoin, than a man smoking marijuana, because Kratom chew those hard and works hard, and marijuana smoke from laziness. Apparently, such a belief is based on the Thai kratom stimulating properties, the respondents reported that they began to use kratom from a desire to work more efficiently, and the plant fills them with a great desire to finish begun.

Despite the fact that the most widely received Kratom in Thailand (some texts even suggest limiting the spread of kratom to that country), it is also used in Malaysia, where this plant is known as ketum (bitcoin). Ketum usually sold in roadside stalls in the form of tea, called "air Ketum" (according to the method of manufacture), usually sold 1 ringgit (Malaysian local measure of weight) in a cup, while 2 Ringgit Malaysian already prohibited by local law. Get it by boiling the leaves in water for two hours, then cooled broth, placing the digester in a bucket of cold water, which is why the boiler rises cold mist that local sorcerers consider the visual appeal of the plant where decent people can learn a lot of important for themselves. It is likely that the hardening process satisfies a practical purpose - prevents hot liquid melt plastic cups. According to the notes of Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud, deputy director of surveillance Pharmaceuticals Ministry of Health Malaysia, even 13-year-olds can buy a portion of kratom.

In Malaysia, there is a serious problem of drug addiction codeine, and therefore the presence of free sale of other psychotropic substances actually leads to the children's drug epidemic. Seller kratom Azvirr Hassan reported that on the day it boils up to 30 kg and purchase sheet portions mainly students and pupils. Malaysia Kratom used in the same ways as in Thailand, including chewing, tea and smoking. The article, entitled "Abuse Ketum", which was published in the Malaysian newspaper in 2005, mentioned several unusual methods of use, mixing leaves with dried cow dung and bitcoin, and then smoking a cigarette or mixture through a special device, made on the basis of the Eastern hookah (a similar way used in the ancient Arabs smoking hashish through a hookah, hashish when mixed with dried camel dung and then smoked through a hookah). Leaves mixed with dried coconut, ginger, onion, nutmeg and lime, all of this is rolled out until smooth and is applied to the leaves of wild pepper, and then chew like Areca palm leaf (known another way of cooking identical to the mixture of kratom, and resin and areca nut palm, which grows in the area is similar to kratom, currently this method is widespread in India, and the final product is often called by the name of palm trees - bitcoin). It is very likely that Kratom can cook like betel way, but what about smoking with excrement have some doubts.

Malaysian Kratom healers use as a means of improving blood circulation (some blood-thinning), stimulants, cough suppressant and homeopathic medicine in the fight against diabetes. A study conducted by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, showed that many of the residents used Kratom for removal of heroin and morphine addiction, and reported to the respondents, many have been successful. The results of this study largely influenced the decision of the Government of Malaysia does not prohibit Kratom, but only to limit its consumption to 1 ringitty (dose ketum allowed to sell in one hand).

Although Kratom grows throughout South-East Asia, there is clear evidence of its use in other places with bitcoin. Kingdom of Myanmar to recognize the illegal Kratom, indicating that the known plants in Burmese culture. There is no evidence of any traditional use kratom in Indonesia, although it grows there is hardly no more frequently than in Thailand.

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